On point!

I visited Petr in hospital again. The worst thing about dying, he told me as I sat between his bed and the smudged windows, is that there's no one to tell about it. What do you mean? I asked. Well, he said, throughout my life I've always lived significant events in terms of how I'll tell people about them. What I mean is that even during these events I would be formulating, in my head, the way I'd describe them later. [...] 
Well, now I'm about to undergo the mother, the big motherfucker, of all episodes - and I won't be able to dine out on it! Even if there turns out to be a Heaven or whatever, which there won't - but even if there does, I still won't be able to, since everyone else there will have lived through the same episode, i.e., dying, and they'll all go: So what? That's boring. We know all that shit. So it's lose-lose.

//Satin Island by Tom McCarthy

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